Q: Is this available for Android or Chromebook? 

A: No, not yet. But something may be in the works for fall of 2021


Q: I'm getting really low game scores- what's happening? 

A:  It could be a number of things. Here's what we recommend trying.

*Is the correct instrument selected? If you're on voice- make sure you're using a "dah" or hard consonant syllable to get the best rhythm scores. 

* Are you using headphones? If so, does it work better if you don't use them? (sometimes headphones can be faulty)

*Proximity to mic/phone (does changing this help?)

*Turning up or down the volume (when headphones aren't being used)

*Updated app version? It may be a bug that we fixed. Try uninstalling and then re-installing the app

_ _ _ _ _ _

If none of the above seems to fix your problem. Shoot us a message with the following info.

1) Type of device

2) Instrument

3) Lesson/Level you were playing

4) Is this bug happening on all the books/ levels or just one?

5) Are notes not being detected above or below a certain note?

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