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Q: Is this available for Android or Chromebook? 

A: No, not yet. But it is a possibility! Drop us a line if you would like to be added to our notification list.


Q: I'm getting really low game scores- what's happening? 

A:  It could be a number of things. Here's what we recommend trying.

*Did you accidentally click "No" when prompted to give microphone access? This would cause you to get zero percent on all of your scores. You can turn it on by going into the main settings on your device. Privacy>Microphone>Monster Musician and enabling it.


*Is the correct instrument selected? If you're on voice- make sure you're using a "dah" or hard consonant syllable to get the best rhythm scores. 

* Are you using headphones? If so, does it work better if you don't use them? (sometimes headphones can be faulty)

*Proximity to mic/phone (does changing this help?)

*Turning up or down the volume (when headphones aren't being used)

*Updated app version? It may be a bug that we fixed. Try uninstalling and then re-installing the app

_ _ _ _ _ _

If none of the above seems to fix your problem. Shoot us a message with the following info.

1) Type of device

2) Instrument

3) Lesson/Level you were playing

4) Is this bug happening on all the books/ levels or just one?

5) Are notes not being detected above or below a certain note?

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