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The future of reading music starts with a game.

The Monster Musician is less of a company and more of a “movement”.


Here, we strive to merge music education with the “wild west” of technology giving rise to something totally new and innovative. We are musicians, educators, technologists, performers and artists trying to push the boundaries of music education in a world where budget cuts threaten to execute programs every year.

As a friend once put it, “We’re making music education relevant and sexy”.

At the core of The Monster Musician exists  The Monster Musician Reader iOS app   currently available for download in the Apple App store.


The Monster Musician Reader, the world's first interactive music game that targets and builds the skills necessary for successful music reading. The musician plays her or his instrument or sings directly into the app and gets evaluated on their performance in real-time. Really though, it's just a game. 


Based on sight reading and language research, specifically designed curriculum familiarizes the player with different rhythmic combinations and intervals. Backing grooves provide the player with a beat while music scrolls across the screen.


The goal is to "feed" our friend "Hangry Jim" your right notes as you go. You are then awarded a score from Jim based upon your performance. Don't like your score? Play it again!

“This game is really fun. I like how it listens to me play my flute and tells me what I did wrong or right.

 I don't even feel like I'm practicing.

Is this practicing?”

Michelle, 6th grade flutist


The Monster Musician Team


  • Graphics- Doug Maddocks

Music Workshops

The art of quickly and accurately reading music is a highly necessary and often coveted skill for many musicians. The Monster Musician Reader's creator/founder Noelle Fabian Dragon organizes workshops for young musicians and music programs that target this specific skill and other performance skills. Workshops cover the art of reading ahead and rhythmic pattern recognition while equipping students with techniques that can immediately improve their reading abilities.


Reach out to us if you would like for us to come to your program.

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